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Tapered Clamp Measurements

Approximate clamp sizes  


24.4mm > 26mm
25.4mm > 26.5mm
27mm > 28mm
28.3mm straight bore

 Star Booster Bar measurements

Measurement 280 mm in from end of bar; Dia= 26.1 mm. Circum\' 85 mm.

Measurement 298 mm in; Dia= 27.8 mm. Circum 90 mm.

Could try Mag or Tag and see which fits best.

 2006 Gas Gas Tapered Bar measurements

Dimensions are 27.3 & 28.6mm

Magura will fit ok but need to straighten the bend of the Barkbusters bar near the clamp by about 5mm.

This will position the clamp on a thinner part of the bar which will allow it to fit.


VPS handguard fits with BBTC02. 

Do not use 5mm spacers with bar end inserts so the clamps fit up a little further down the taper of the bar.

Issue with the brake side: the clamp swivel and brake hose fowl with each other so the swivel needs to be positioned under the brake hose. This makes the handguard sit a little low and in a crash could damage the brake line. Best to have the hose bent or a different fitting put on so it has extra clearance.

BMW R1200 GS and R1200 GS Adventure

Barkbusters now have available a special model VPS handguard to fit the BMW R1200 GS and R1200 GS Adventure.  Colour options are Black, White or Silver. The handguard will be supplied with some parts specifically for this model and the aluminium backbone has a different bend to the regular VPS handguard. The handlebar fitting kit will also need to be purchased and is different for the two models (See fitting kit options below). We are currently working on a version for the 2007 models.

Order Code Description

BBHG8 - Barkbusters VPS BMW handguard Available in Black, Silver & White.

(Fits R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure models up to 2006)

 Fitting Kit Options

Model Fitting Kit -1200GS BBTC03 & 1200GS Adventure BBTC02

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