Pro Moto Billet Kickstands are often called the “Granddaddy of all motocross kickstands”. They have no equal. Easy to install, super strength, long lifespan and lightweight design are what make this the kickstand of choice for many Factory ISDE and Pro Enduro riders. 

THE BEST DESIGN - Folds behind side panel - Incredibly strong

We’ve re-invented the best kickstand ever invented...Ours. On the left you can see the old clip which resisted hundreds of pounds of force before releasing. On the right you can see our new spiral clip retainer, which takes thousands of pounds of force to remove– and actually deforms the washer before it lets go. Now we use 2 of them to lock each kickstand together! Check it out in the cutaway views below

STRONGER THAN EVER - New Metal Backplates - New pressed-in pivot

PURE FUNCTION - Who carries a triangle or stand when they ride? Bolt your new Pro Moto Billet kickstand on, and never worry about it again. And they’re nice for the environment– no need to lean your bike up against mother nature next time you take a break

OUR CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE KICKSTANDS Stay down when you put them down Absolutely stay up when you put them up. Are out of the way and quiet while riding There when you need it And they look like art on your bike. Available in clear hard anodizing for most models, and in black for late model KTMs and Husabergs

RE-INVENTING THE SISSY STICK - THE GRANDDADDY OF ALL MOTOCROSS KICKSTANDS - THE PRO MOTO BILLET KICK-IT KICKSTAND Don’t settle for inferior stands that stick out in the way, bounce around, or break easily

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