Chain Rollers Universal

T.M. Designworks products have revolutionised the way we think of drive trains on modern off-road motorcycles.  The once ignored slider and guide are now contributing to better lap times, reduced maintenance and reliability previously unheard of in the world of Rallye and other Desert events.


In Australia alone the results for the Australasian Safari speak for themselves.... Position 1,2,3,4,6,8 all finished with the original slider/guide kits intact from TMD. Numerous other reliability involved events such as the 24 hour race in South Australia were dominated by this product.

Now for even the most relaxed Trail rider through to the fastest Desert racer there is no excuse to have the best slider/guide technology on your bike.  There is always colour options and there are three distinct levels of performance.


The \"Dirt Cross\" range allows for serious gains against standard sliders and guides with the \"bling\" of colour options.  The outer rear shells for the rear guide provide extra protection and the sliders can last up to three times longer than the original units. A new line of economy priced chain sliders that are superior in design and material then stock or aftermarket parts. TM Designs new DIRT CROSS chain slider increases wear pad thickness in critical hi-wear spots and uses all the stock mounting hardware. It is the first mass produced front swingarm slider with lube impregnated material for lower drag and less chain plate wear. Available in black or colour match.

The \"Factory Edition\" gives you more longevity in the extreme environments, or for bikes that are notorious for quick wear. The rear guide is a complete machined  unit offering a new lighter and stronger approach to rear chain protection.  The guides offer two stage technology with noise dampening characteristics via replaceable pads under the guide.  The rollers available also finish the installation with a less friction demanding bearing set-up with the \"bling\" colour options.

The new line of chain sliders with 2 stage dampening pads are bonded under the slider to reduce chain slap noise. The slider uses all the stock mount and comes with new lightweight aluminium collars. The shape and angle of the part is improved in critical hi wear spots for about 4 times the wear life of a stock chain slider. 100% UV protected our Powerlip top will keep the chain in line for improved drive chain control and speed.


The \"Baja Edition\" is the third and most recommended level from TMD is a further improved product based on the \"Factory Edition\" that we helped inspire.  Through the rigours of the Finke Desert Race and the Australasian Safari GHR Honda has helped TMD develop a material that outlasts the OEM part by a ridiculous amount.  This allows us absolute peace of mind with the bikes during the high geared long hours of these events.  The design is very similar to the \"Factory Edition\" but some extra bracing provides increased performance.

The new \"BAJA EDITION\" front chain slider is designed for maximum long term wear. Winner of the Condobolin 750, Finke Desert Race, Hattah Desert Race, 24-Hour (S.A.), Yellow Mountain, Australasian Safari in the last two seasons.  Oil impregnated for virtually zero friction and chain drag and is designed with a new shape and thickness to minimize chain torque effect on the suspension.. 2 stage noise suppression design comes with extra replacement dampening pads to lower chain slap sound and protect the arm. This is the ultimate front chain slider for performance and long term durability. UV protected and unconditional 1 year free replacement warranty in the USA. The 05-08 Honda & all Yamaha models are setup with our connecting rib design and requires swingarm (not shock) removal to install. All others bolt on like stock.


With all the products available you can buy them individually but we provide for a Slide\'n\'Glide kit which is a more economical way of buying.