Brake Discs/Rotors

The DBR brake rotors are the ultimate combination of durability, wear resistance and stopping power. They are incredibly strong and will resist bending unlike anything else on the market today. They are Black Zinc plated to prevent rusting. We currently have them available for KTM\'s with more on the way (magnet hole cut out has been included).  These rotors have been developed and tested for nearly one year by engineers with the assistance and test riding/racing of Shane Watts. 

Like the Ironman Sprocket, if you want the toughest race products, choose what professionals race.

2-3 times higher tensile strength than OEM rotors, resulting in much higher resistance to bending and wear.

Made of heat treated alloy steel, providing higher stopping friction, therefore 25% less braking effort.

Three times the cooling rate of stainless steel rotors.  If they cool threee times faster they run cooler all the time.



Dirt Tricks Australia Honda GHR "Rally" Rotor Front 285mm



Honda Brake Disc Carrier CRF


SKU: DB-Rallye-TC-WM

DBR Rallye Trip Computer Wheel Magnet


SKU: DBR-Brake-Disc-CC-SpedNut

Brake Caliper Carrier Speedo Nut



Honda DBR Dirt Tricks Brake Rotor Front FD2



Kawasaki Brake Disc Rotors

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