Steg Pegz

Steg Pegz  -  The No.1 Armpump Solution

The Original and the best

Used by factory GHR Honda Off-Road Team and and the factory Motorex KTM off-road desert riders, Steg Pegz are a revolutionary concept which lets you grip and control with your legs, not just your arms!

How do they work?

The whole idea behind the STEGPEGZĀ® is to give the rider some support at the legs to keep his/hers body weight from going backwards when standing up under acceleration, inturn taking the weight off the hands/arms to reduce armpump and fatigue.

Designed to Grip the calf area of the boot. Proudly Australian owned and manufactured.

The key feature of the StegPegz is the rubber peg. Using rubber has a huge advantage of giving outstanding grip while keeping a lower profile which gives you the availability to still move about on the bike when needed.

Light weight, adjustable and quick n easy to fit.

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