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General Maintenance Information


Remove the wheels from your bike and make sure you clean all axles and put new grease on them. Also grease the seals of your new Haan Wheels before installing the outer hubs spacers, this will increase the lifetime of the seals. Clean and degrease all brake disc and sprocket bolts before mounting the parts onto the hub. For the brake disc bolts you should use blue “loctite”. Use only good quality bolts (OEM) and tighten them according to OEM torque specs. Mount the wheels in the bike and tighten all bolts and nuts according to OEM specs.

With new or new spoked wheels you have to practice with them before entering a race. See it like fitting a new piston is your bike. Never run new wheels directly into a race.

To make sure the wheels are in their best shape you need to tighten the spokes after your first practice of 15-20 minutes. You will find some loose spokes for sure, this is because the spokes and rim will work a bit when they are new.  Be sure that when you start to tighten your spokes the hub is completely cooled down.

Tighten your spokes as follow. Start at the rim lock or inner tube valve. Check all spokes with your spoke wrench and tighten loose spokes. Don’t tighten loose spokes firm otherwise you will pull the wheel out of his straight position. Spokes that are still tightened don’t need to be tightened extra firm. We recommend the use of the Excel torque wrench and pre-set the torque limiter on 5.4 N.m.

Keep repeating to check the spokes after your second and third practice. You will find that the spokes keep nicely tightened because they are now ‘’settled ‘’ in the hub and rim.
Now you wheels are ready to race.
Keep checking your spokes regularly. With checking we don’t mean that the spokes have to be tightened every time. Just make sure that there are no loose spokes in the wheel. If you tighten the spokes every time you check them the result can be that after a while the spokes are all way to tight. Keep in mind: A spoke needs to have the possibility to ‘’stretch’’ with big impacts. When the spokes are over tightened the spoke cannot stretch and it can brake.
Put some oil on the spoke nipples at the time to make sure the nipple doesn’t get stuck on the spoke.

Bearings and seals
Clean your bearings and seals regularly and put new grease in it.
When you check the bearings and when they are feeling worn out replace them. A broken bearing can destroy the complete hub and a crash can follow.

Sprocket and disc bolts
Check and tighten (if necessary) sprocket and brake bolts regularly. Use only good quality bolts like OEM and tighten them according to OEM torque specs. If you ride with loose sprocket or brake disc bolts your hub will get damaged or destroyed.
Haan Wheels cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by incorrect product mounting, disregarding specifications and these maintenance instructions or product mounting by an unqualified third party.

Haan hubs and spokes are a top class quality and we are sure you will never break them if you follow up all instructions. We are using the best quality rims but after hitting a rock or crash you can always bend or break it. Haan wheels cannot be held responsible for a breakage of the rim. Loose sprocket or brake disc bolts will destroy the hub, there is no guarantee for this so prevent this and follow the instructions.

Haan Wheels can not be held responsible for any injury or damage while riding with our products.



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