KTM / Husky Kits/Sliders/Guides /Bash plates/Case Savers/ Wear Pads/Disc protectors

T.M. Designworks products have revolutionised the way we think of drive trains on modern off-road motorcycles.  The once ignored slider and guide are now contributing to better lap times, reduced maintenance and reliability previously unheard of in the world of Rallye and other Desert events.


In Australia alone the results for the Australasian Safari speak for themselves.... Position 1,2,3,4,6,8 all finished with the original slider/guide kits intact from TMD. Numerous other reliability involved events such as the 24 hour race in South Australia were dominated by this product.

Now for even the most relaxed Trail rider through to the fastest Desert racer there is no excuse to have the best slider/guide technology on your bike.  There is always colour options and there are three distinct levels of performance.