Carby Filters

                                       T6 Filters

Our T6 filter is designed to keep your bike running in top condition while at the same time allowing you to operate under more demanding conditions. The T6 filter prevents dirt from entering the carburettor and cylinder where it can cause power robbing friction between the cylinder wall and the piston, as well as premature engine wear. The T6 filter also provides two access points for air to enter the carburettor vents. This allows you to ride through deeper water, and play all day in the mud without the worry that your bike will bog out or die at the worst possible time.


The Dirt Bike  Racing T6 carb vent filter system not only gives your bike additional bling appeal, it restricts dirt from entering your carburetor and doing expensive engine damage. The T6 uses a mid-line foam filter, enclosed in a CNC machined billet aluminum housing, to provide filtered air via the breather hoses.

The T6 filter kit includes 12′ of high quality polyurethane tubing, billet T6 filter housing, a spare filter, and instructions.

  • Used by GHR Honda to win the Condo 750 / Finke Desert Race / Australian Safari / AORC Outright
  • Bling appeal
  • Helps stop expensive potential engine damage from dirty air entering cylinder
  • Provides filtered air
  • Helps prevent bogging on water crossings
  • Helps prevent grass seeds and dirt blocking low speed jets
  • Includes 12′ of coloured polyurethane tubing
  • Made in the USA

To Suit: Any bike with a carburettor.