Brake Pads

Highest HH rated friction for maximum stopping power.

  • Include new Hex Drive slider pins
  • All weather performance formulation.
  • Excellent race material for moto-X and ATV.
  • The latest American made sintered pads produced by EBC in their OWN FACTORY is the MXS series.
  • These pads have the HIGHEST friction of any publicly available brake pad and deliver fingertip stopping power in moto-x race conditions. 
  • Being a sintered copper alloy they also have excellent durability in sand, wet and mud riding and are at the same time less aggressive to the brake rotor.
  • See EBC red carbon graphite pad comments for ENDURO RIDING before making your selection.
  • FREE SLIDER PINS are included with most pad sets except those with multiple pin choices to replace worn bent or seized pin sets.
  • The pin sets provided free in the EBC set are mostly external hex drive pins which are easier to remove than internal hexagon allen key or hex wrench internal type hardware. 

The EBC MX-S or Moto X Sport and Race pads are a sintered copper brake pad made in the EBC Brakes plant in the USA and feature several unique features and extras.

First we have inserted below a write uup about how sintered brakes are made but the important point right here is that MX-S should be chosen if you want a long life, great brakes from cold right up to high heat with minimal rotor damage.

Compared to many other pads the MX-S range features a diamond ground surface finish for fast bed in appreciated by racers who do not want to spend time bedding in brakes before a race and because they are inorganic they require no chemical or heat bedding to perform.

FREE of charge added into almost every MX-S pad set is a set of replacement SLIDER PINS to replace those rusted in and difficult to remove original units.  Pins are often trashed when trying to remove them or bend during use so a free spare set is a nice touch and saves a second visit to the dealer.  As a further PLUS the EBC pins are EXTERNAL hex drive and are far easier to remove at future service that internal hex drive pins that fill with dirt and rust and sometimes need drilling out.

Sintered copper brakes are made by one of two processes, pressure sintering in a vacuum furnace or sintering through a belt furnace in a controlled atmosphere.  The steel backing plates for the brake pads are copper coated and a preformed sintered copper \"Puck\" is located onto pips in the plate (either male or female) and the parts are passed through a furnace.  At a pre-determined temperature the copper coating under the pad puck melts and fused the puck and plate together.

Sintering is a very exact process and the EBC expertise has made it a world leader in such technology and gained it numerous OE contracts. 

In the aftermarket EBC continues to offer sintered brakes for applications requiring longer life and higher heat performance and organic pads for sport and general purpose use.

Both work well on their respective markets and have a place in the industry, elsewhere on this website we can explain the merits of each compound type and assist you in choosing what is right for your riding requirements.


Brakes are a safety critical part of your motorcycle.  Installation of EBC Brakes should be performed by a professional mechanic.  If you are not skilled in this work, please have a dealer undertake this work for you.



Brake Pad EBC MX-S 131



Brake Pad EBC MX-S 185



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Brake Pad EBC MX-S 368