Haan Wheel "Factory Rally" 18 Inch CRF Cush Drive

Rear Wheel Only

The "Factory HAAN Wheelset" is fully built at the Factory in the Netherlands for you. Some wheels sizes and colour combos are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Please phone to discuss what might be in stock in Australia. All other sets are custom built at the Factory to your specifications. Wheel sets can take 4 to 8 weeks usually depending on size , colour combinations and availability. Thanks for your patience as it is worth waiting for the worlds best True "Factory" wheelsets.

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Click here to design your colour combo on Haans Site then return here for purchase.


Yamaha's Factory Dakar Effort purchased the exact same wheels just like you can from DIRTBIKE PTY LTD !!

Used in Australia by Factory Teams such as GHR Honda and leading privateers to win the Australian Safari / Condo 750 / A4DE / AORC / Finke / Hattah Outright !!

Used by 50% of world MX teams 


Ok so what is the CRF 450 Rally Wheel Set. This wheel set is quite simply the strongest combo possible for any of the CRF Bikes. We start with the HAAN cush drive rear hub and then lace that to the Excell Takasako Rim with the best spokes made from Haan. Sounds simple but why buy them from Dirtbike Pty Ltd

Dirtbike Pty Ltd is also owned by myself Glenn Hoffmann which was resposible for the GHR Honda victories at Finke / Australian Safari / Condo 750 . GHR Honda had many rental bikes also at these events and two successful campaigns at Dakar using what I call the Rally wheels.

For the CRF 450 we use a different 21" front size and 18" rear size than Standard. This is the ultimate set up should you want to use tyres more suited to offroad use and mousse, you can of course use traditional tyres and Heavy Duty tubes if you like also no problem.

The advantage of the Rally Rim is it is much more reliable than even a normal excell purchased from other vendors. 300,000km with riders like Grabbo and the Smith boys have taught us what combo works best and no rider has ever suffered a wheel failure on our Rally Wheels and no they are not A 60's. You are welcome to phone and I will discuss the difference in person.

For the CRF 450 we also have available a large Brake kit. It has a machined hole in the caliper carier and allows a speedo cable to be screwed into the caliper bracket for use at Rallys like Condo / Sunraysia Safari or simple a good way to set up your digital trip meter.​

Other Rally wheel mods can include grease nipples kit which allow you to inject mousse gel into the rear wheel and tyre externally. Another GHR first. This allows you to extend the life of the tyre and mousse considerably. GHR Hondas have logged over 300,000 km on these rims with mousse and never suffered a failed mousse or Rim that was unrideable. Michelin make three different rear mousse in 18" and Excell alone make 5 different 18" rims that other vendors may try to sell you. Only one of the mousse is suitable for long distance racing or trailriding and then matched to the correct rim size and crown. YES excell have different crowns in this size which make fitting tyres and mousse more difficult if you get the wrong combo. On top of that you then need to run the correct tyre to match the mousse and rim.

With the correct rear rim size and crown matched to the correct tyre and Mousse GHR has never suffered a rear wheel failure or mousse failure in a event which has caused a DNF for either a lead rider or customer. In fact Gary Gray from Cobar won a competition with ADB to ride a GHR Honda XR 650 on Safari. He Completed the entire event 4,500km on one rear tyre and Mousse. Never changed , fact!! 

  • Haan Billet Hub made in Holland from 6082 Aluminium.
  • Excel Aftermarket 7000 Series Rims - made in Japan.
  • Super heavy duty spokes, from Haan.
  • Nickel-plated steel heavy duty nipples.
  • Customize your wheels with your favourite colour combinations.
  • Although every effort is made to ensure provided information is correct, Haan / Excel accepts no liability for any errors or any consequences which may arise due to such errors. Haan / Excel also reserves the right to change specifications, discontinue or introduce new products without prior notice. All product images presented are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from actual product depending on bike application.


  • Excel Takasago CRF450 Rally Rims are available in Black, Silver,Goldand Blue.

  • CRF 450 Rally Hubs are available in All colours with enough notice.

  • Our spokes are made from a special stainless steel. The spokes are made to the needed size in the Haan factory. 

    Up to 30% stronger than original spokes.

  • So if you are interested in a set please phone to discuss. Also available Second hand race Team set ups at a discounted price.


Brand Haan


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